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September Visit to Dell Children's Hospital

Minis and volunteers alike were thrilled to be back at Dell Children's Hospital for our monthly visit. Unlike the previous two months, the weather was no longer blazing which made for happier horses, kids, parents, and volunteers. Instead it was a crisp, sunny day perfect for making new friends, bringing smiles to faces, and providing some equine guided therapy.

For this visit, the herd was out in style. SeanMonet was looking dapper with a fresh haircut. The sisters Sugar and Sweet Pea were their usual adorable blonde selves. Remy got a gold star for great behavior, and Mastercard got some good laps in on breaks between kids.

We had quite a crowd of happy kids and parents come to see us. One little boy was so thrilled he got to take a picture with his favorite horse that he started shaking his fists in excitement. Another girl wasn't able to pick a favorite horse, so she took pictures with all of them. Her whole family was there to take pictures with her, so she was able to have some great keepsakes to treasure of the group.

Overall, it was a lovely visit, and we're already all looking forward to going back next month!

Do you want to meet and take photos with our adorable little horses too? If so, come on down to the Minis and Friends Fall Festival! It's our 10th anniversary, and we want to celebrate it with the Austin community we love! All proceeds benefit Minis and Friends.

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