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Mini Boot Camp is Back!

We've had several requests for a Fall Boot Camp - so here it is! Our Fall 4 day intensive workshop will be Sept 29-Oct. 2, 2016. This is a tuition based workshop and we've reduced our tuition due to the easier online Form 1023 preparation we assist you with!

Attend our Mini Boot Camp and learn how to take your own minis into your community, start your own non-profit and learn about Equine Guided Interactions (EGI) programs.

Email to receive an application and tuition costs for Mini Boot Camp and to reserve your spot today! No more than 6 applicants at any Boot Camp which allows plenty of Hands-On time for everyone!. This session is for those who want to do the full package; learning to work with their minis in their communities using our technique of Equine Guided Interactions (EGI), Form 1023 assistance (501c3), learn about everything you need to know to keep your non-profit up and running – fundraising, grants, scheduling, program development, media, social media, website, insurance, volunteers and keeping them motivated and much more. Take home a workbook full of tried and tested forms, letters, helpful information and a memory stick too! This Camp also gives life-time support of your non-profit. PLEASE NOTE: All Applications will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. If you have been working with your minis in the community for years - this is probably not the Mini Camp for you. This Mini Boot Camp is designed for those wanting to start-up a 501c3 and how to maintain and keep it running year after year and for learning about working with your mini/s in the community. Minis and Friends has their own technique called "Equine Guided Interactions" which we are working on this to become standardized.

Boot Camp Pre-Requisites: You must own miniature horses or be familiar with horses You must come to Austin, TX for the hands-on training You must pay 1/2 down before you come; by Paypal available on this site or by check You must turn in your questionnaire you will receive for Form 1023 assistance with your non-profit one (1) week before the workshop You must be prepared to work hard and ask questions - we want you to go home and succeed (this is not a vacation and our days are long

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