We design our visits around the needs of the facilities and support events!


Minis Out,  In The Community


This program supports other local non-profit organizations in the work they do within the community.


  • In support of other local non-profits in the work they do at events and walks

  • Bringing miniature horses for presentations and educational activities


 Community Events


  • Celtic Festival

  • NAMI Walks

  • Barnes and Noble Bookstore Storybook Hour

  • Brownie and Girl Scout Animal Badges

  • ATX Television Festival "Lil' Sebastian" look alikes

  • Kerbey Lane Cafe SW Austin - Minis and Me Photo Ops 

Minis Out, Moving On


Specially designed for children and youth programs where there is transition:

  • Visiting Children and Families Dealing with Homelessness

  • Bringing Minis to Children, Youth and Young Adults in Transition 


The Minis Out, Moving On program consists of various Step-Up Projects:


  • Meet and Greet – meeting the minis and learning about them.

  • A Mini Reader - specially designed bio books with each working mini, fun facts and horse activities given to each child, youth, teen or senior following the first visit.

  • Leading a Mini Horse – leading a miniature horse on a double lead with a mini-handler. 

  • Obstacles of Life agility - a portable agility course created by our horse experts and owners. The portable agility course is used with our At-Risk kids and teens based on age. Easier for younger, harder for teens. Staff, therapists, counselors are on hand at our facilities when we use the OOL - frustrations, break-through, anything is possible as it encourages listening, teamwork and "just try" attitude.


Note: This program has licensed therapists, social workers and staff on hand during every visit. We offer special opportunities with minis and special needs kids to help them enjoy the program too.


Facilities where the Minis Out, Moving On program has been a huge success:


  • Marbridge

  • Helping Hand Home

  • Settlement Home

Minis Out, Project Blanket


  • Visiting Children and Youth with Cognitive, Physical, Intellectural and Emotional Disabilities

  • Bringing Minis to Children Experiencing Difficulties and Emotional Distress

  • Mini visiting at Dell Children's Medical Center to bring hope, aid in healing and spirit, and happiness to children and youth of all ages


At our Dell monthly visit (weather permitting) we visit with children/youth within the hospital and their families.  Every month we usually see new kids/children.  We also provide mini-time to the staff - nurses, doctors who need their special time too.


We leave with each child/family a beautiful instant color 4x6 photo in a speical Minis and Friends photo card.  We interchange this with our gorgeous Mini Fans.  


Note:  The Leave-Aways are items we have to raise dollars for in order to give them to the children and families.  If you would like to sponsor Dell Children's Leave-Aways - please consider donating through PayPal or on our I Live Here, I Give Here page