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Meet The Minis

Five of our original minis are inactive - they have left the Austin area. Two will be returning to visits in April!

However, we still have the Austin minis - all 6 of them!  
Without our amazing minis, we wouldn't even be here! Take a few moments and read all about our minis. Sponsoring helps us with vet costs, teeth floating, mini-vests, name halters, name leads, and much more!

B.B. (Betty's Boy) 

EMILY I am part of the Dworshack herd and am the calmest and easiest going of all of them.  I get along with kids and seniors and all of the volunteers.  I love working and visiting and hanging out with Fiona and Jooney Belle when at home.  I was donated to Minis and Friends, and Miss Juliia brought me to her home (and Sgt. Pepper) and said, "Emily is staying - she's the perfect therapy mini".. we are sure glad she did! 
FIONA  I live with Wiggins and Jooney Belle. Wiggins is like a big brother to me - we came from the same farm where we were recscued by our new mom Julia and grandmom Betty.  I am a pinto, white with sorrel spots. I ride in the 'way back' in Mom's station wagon. When I grow up, Mom might need to get a van for Wiggins and me. I love to go places and meet all the people, love the special need kids!
JOONEY BELLE   I am Miss Julia and Grandma Betty's newest little girl mini.  I was rescued from a lady in Boerne who thought my hooves had nails! Eeeks! I lived in Grandma Betty's house in a special spot in her kitchen for the first few months I was there. But as you can see, I am turning into a gorgeous little mini. I have the best of both therapy visits - I get to work on weekdays with Fiona and Wiggins and on weekends get to work with all the Geldings too! 


WIGGINS   Hi, my name is Wiggins. I am a chocolate colored miniature horse and I get around town in a 1991 Volvo Station Wagon. I live with my mini friend, Fiona and our new sister Jooney Belle who is still gaining healthy weight and in training to be a therapy mini too.  We are learning tricks that will put smiles on faces., can't wait to show them off.  I love people and visiting new places!!  Remington and I are the same size and because we are so cute and small and often work together at special visits.
I am coming back in April with my herd pal Sgt. Pepper. We now live in Elgin but we want to work and be with our buddies again! So watch for us! 
I am coming back to work with Bravo.  We live in Elgin now but want to be a part of Minis and Friends and have remained the calmest since COVID. My white is whiter and I've aged but I'm still a pretty cool little horse!
I currently am Inactive as I am living in Paige TX with Remington and SeanMonet
I am currently Inactive as I am living in Paige TX with MasterCard and SeanMonet
I currently am Inac
tive as I am living in Paige TX with MasterCard, and Remington   
I currently am Inactive as I am living in Elgin with Bravo, Rudy and Sgt. Pepper.

I currently am inactive as I am living in Elgin With Bravo, Rocky, and Sgt. Pepper

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