Meet The Minis


Without our amazing minis, we wouldn't even be here! Take a few moments and read all about our minis. Click the image or the "Sponsor Me" link to be a mini-pal to our minis! Sponsoring helps us with vet costs, teeth floating, mini-vests, name halters, name leads and much more!

BRAVO  I am a Paint Gelding and I am part of the Montoya Clan along with my pals Rocky and Rudy, who are my mini brothers. live with Sherry and Paul Montoya, who spoil us and we just love us.  I am still on the shy side, but I love to work on weekends and visit with all the kids and people that need our help bringing smiles to the faces we meet. As you can see by my photo, I love to jump! Don't I look like a Trojan horse with my mane flowing this way? 
FIONA  I live with Wiggins and Jooney Belle. Wiggins is like a big brother to me - we came from the same farm where we were recscued by our new mom Julia and grandmom Betty.  I am a pinto, white with sorrel spots. I ride in the 'way back' in Mom's station wagon. When I grow up, Mom might need to get a van for Wiggins and me. I love to go places and meet all the people, love the special need kids!
EMILY I am part of the Dworshack herd and am the calmest and easiest going of all of them.  I get along with kids and seniors and all of the volunteers.  I love working and visiting and hanging out with Fiona and Jooney Belle when at home.  I was donated to Minis and Friends, and Miss Juliia brought me to her home (and Sgt. Pepper) and said, "Emily is staying - she's the perfect therapy mini".. we are sure glad she did! 
JOONEY BELLE   I am Miss Julia and Grandma Betty's newest little girl mini.  I was rescued from a lady in Boerne who thought my hooves had nails! Eeeks! I lived in Grandma Betty's house in a special spot in her kitchen for the first few months I was there. But as you can see, I am turning into a gorgeous little mini. I have the best of both therapy visits - I get to work on weekdays with Fiona and Wiggins and on weekends get to work with all the Geldings too! 
MASTERCARD  I'm MasterCard and I am one of the 3 Amigos in South Austin. I and my brother, SeanMonet, were two of the first minis of Minis and Friends in 2007. We have a lot of history and I have been working in the EGI field since 2004. Corral Boy (Gil) and Miss Sally call me "their first boy" and yep I sure am.  I make sure my brothers know whose the boss! I love to meet both kids and adults, but kids who need special attention draw my attention the most! I also have a knack for finding folks that need special attention. 
REMINGTON  Hi, I'm Remington, but you can call me Remi for short. I started out at Lady K's Miniatures and was Miz Kirk's favorite and then she found out that the Iwanski's needed a sweet small mini to round out their two-some and who can fit in the their mini-van perfectly. I live with MasterCard and SeanMonet, my brothers.  My dad known as Corral Boy, says I am really... really smart. I learned to jump in and out of the mini-van in just one trip. He praises me all the time, and he says I am learning all of SeanMonet's habit too! Hmmm... I wonder what that means. 
ROCKY  Hi, I'm Rocky. I live in Austin. My Mom says I am a rock star and the moment she saw me, I lassoed her heart with my charm and 32" of good looks. I currently live at Rancho Montoya with my parents Sherry and Paul at their home. They found my brother Rudy and brought him home in 2010 and invited Bravo to come over and hang with me for awhile. My parents are giving me a rest because of having stifles in both back legs.. but I am glad to have Sgt. Pepper join us at Rancho Montoya to help out and give me a rest!
SEANMONET   Hello. I'm SeanMonet. Like the painter, I'm an impressionist. I'm a little underspoken, too, so I don't have a lot to say here. I am quiet and reserved. Some of the folks we meet say I'm cute, but, boy, that really makes me blush. If you want to be my friend, just bring those little baby carrots or watermelon!. Boy, those bring me out of my shell! I live with my brother MasterCard and Remington during the week at Kristull Ranch where we have our own "mini manor".  My parents Corral Boy and Miss Sally. call me their Texas Irish French horse, but I am really just Texan.  Both my mane and tail turn reddish black in the summer, but most of me is black, so I have the best parts of both my parents. I'm pretty calm and like working with the children the most, but seniors are pretty awesome, too!
WIGGINS   Hi, my name is Wiggins. I am a chocolate colored miniature horse and I get around town in a 1991 Volvo Station Wagon. I live with my mini friend, Fiona and our new sister Jooney Belle who is still gaining healthy weight and in training to be a therapy mini too.  We are learning tricks that will put smiles on faces., can't wait to show them off.  I love people and visiting new places!!  Remington and I are the same size and because we are so cute and small and often work together at special visits.
RUDY   I'm Rocky's and Bravo's brother at Rancho Montoya.. My mom and dad are Sherry and Paul and they rescued me in October 2009 from a friend of Sally's who inherited little guys like me - but he wasn't a horse guy. So he told my mom's friend Sally about me and voila! I am now a Minis and Friends therapy miniature horse and I've been told I am a natural! I love the kids we visit at the shelters and facilities and am my dad's Paul little buddy! Now I get groomed all day, fed munchies treats from mom Sherry and get to run and play with Rocky and Bravo.
SGT. PEPPER  I recently came to live with the Montoya gang after Miss Julia gave me and my sister Emily a new home.  The Montoya's needed a new mini who felt better than Rocky who decided he didn't want to load up anymore. It all started with Marbridge contacting Minis & Friends asking if we needed more minis. Boy, I never realized I would make so many new friends and have a fantastic loving home! Rocky and I tangled when I first arrive - but now we are all buds! I found out quickly that I am a natural and pro working as a Therapy Horse... and quickly become my new dad Paul's favorite buddy too!  PS My new mom Sherry just loves me too! I am so happy!

I'm Mastercard and I am one of the 3 Amigos in South Austin. I and my brother, SeanMonet, were two of the first minis of Minis and Friends in 2007. We have a lot of history and I have been working in the EGI field since 2004. We live during the week at a boarding ranch (and dang it all they have an electric fence too) and visit on weekends at our humans home.

I love to meet both kids and adults, but kids who need special attention draw my attention the most! I love working with the kids we meet at the shelters and hanging out with my brothers, SeanMonet and Remington