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Mini Visit Request /Scheduling


We are the original Minis and Friends.  We are based in Austin, TX and work the greater metro Austin area.


The reason we are the weekend visiting team is that most of us work full-time jobs.  With our theory of Equine Guided Interactions (EGI), teams consist of 2-3 volunteers and a mini.  It's very hard to find volunteers on weekdays. Safety is #1.


  • We primarily visit on weekends and some holidays

    • Most visits are on Saturdays, some Sundays (FIRM)

    • We require 3-4 weeks in advance for scheduling - we book up fast!


  • Every new facility we ask to fill out a facility agreement - we will send one back to you to fill out and return before a visit.

    • We must have these agreements back before we come to visit. Most agreements are yearly.

    • We have a questionnaire we will also ask you to fill out to help us make sure your visit is the best it can be

      • The questionnaire must be returned in advance with the facility agreement


Please fill out the below "Schedule Us" form to Request A Visit.

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