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Favorite Videos

TV, Radio and University of Texas at Austin PR348 and Journalism Colleges

"5 Who Care" Award Winner 2014

We were selected as one of 5 Adults for the Outstanding Community Service Award with KVUE - they capture all the magic of the little horse therapists.

"The Official Man and Minis" 

Gil Iwanski, Mini-Owner and Trainer shares his story of minis MasterCard, Remington and SeanMonet Thank you Viviana Castaneda (UT Journalism) 

"Volunteers of Minis and Friends"

Our Volunteers had a great time with UT Austin PR348 Spring Class with their own video on what a MF Volunteer means to them.

"UT Austin Spring PR348" 

This clever video clip created by Erin Klepper team of PR348 Spring Semester class is really fun and captured the joys of miniature horse therapy with Minis and Friends. Co-Founder Sally Iwanski and Mini-Owner-Board Director Julia Dworschack speak about why they love Minis and Friends.

"UT Austin Fall PR348"

Thank you Monisha, Abigail and Olivia for this precious video of our story. These 3 young women joined us for interviews and filming at our Wonders & Worries Fall Festival and then put together their video for a semester grade at UT Austin. Julia brought Fiona and Wiggins to help in their presentation on Wed at the college :)

"A Senior Visit"

 Originally created by UT Austin Spring Class 2014.  New and improved Minis & Friends video edited by the gifted and talented Peter Carrero Provenzano!

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