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Dell Children's Medical Center visits

We visit with Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas monthly weather permitting. The entire hospital prepares for the little horse therapists visits we are told. Postings inside the hospital on every floor and special units go up and the chatter of "the minis are coming" are a flurry throughout.

Although Texas Hospital rules are very strict for infection/disease and pet therapy indoors (currently canine are allowed) we are perfectly happy meeting the children in the Healing Gardens under the bandstand or on the art paved area next to the main building as pushing a hospital bed on rock just doesn't work. And yes, we have had nurses and staff and parents bring out their kids in their hospital beds, pulling IV equipment, respirators, and much more. The children who are able to come out, come out along with their families, nurses and staff.

We call it the ripple effect, the nurses and doctors and staff come out too! They need mini-love as much as their patients. We have booked our June and July visits already - so see you soon!

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