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How You Can Help the Little Horse Therapists


The little therapists need your help with donations - both cash and in-kind. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation can be tax-deductible.  Our goal is for all visits to be free of charge, not just non-profits visitations to our 2015 facilities. We can only do this with your help!


Please contact us to see how your dollars can help keep our visits free in the community.


By Snail Mail: send your check or money order to:


Minis and Friends   

2603 Jones Rd., #230

Austin, TX  78745


Or by clicking our PayPal button on any page,  takes you directly to our PayPal site  (please make sure you are on the Minis and Friends website and not our sister organization Minis and Friends South Plains or North Texas)

PAYPAL:  You will be returned to this page. Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Log into your PayPal account to view transaction details.






















Is Minis and Friends a charitable organization?

Yes! We are incorporated in the state of Texas and are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions can be tax deductible according to the limits of the law.



How is Minis and Friends organized?

Board of Directors / Co-Founders / Volunteers / Mini Boot Camp Trainers / Facilities and Events / At-Risk Youth / Mini Friends / Minis & Friends Associates in Hays County, North Texas (north of Dallas), Southplains (Lubbock)



What can Minis and Friends do for my community?

Minis and Friends was created by a group of caring people and horse lovers dedicated to sharing the love and spirit of miniature horses to those who need special, tender care. We have a mobile herd of trained Miniature Horses who “Come To You”! The minis will come to your facility: assisted living/nursing homes, children's shelters, hospitals, rehab facilities, special needs and at-risk youth classrooms, Scout programs, community events, schools and church functions and more.


Everyone young and old will enjoy a visit with our small, but mighty equines. You will see big smiles during a visit with a small horse.  We wish to educate people about the unique ability of the miniature horse to soothe the soul. The human-to-horse bond also warms the soul and opens the heart.  We bring a little bit of love to everyone.



How is Minis and Friends funded?

Profit making facilities that can help by donation or “Pocket/Coins for Minis”, Funding Factory (recycle with us!) businesses and people contribute financially, sponsors and visit sponsors. Find out How YOU can help.



How are the funds you receive used?

Almost 100% of our funds are used for maintenance and upkeep of our minis, feed, hay, vet bills, transportation, gasoline, winter and summer coats to protect against the environment, plus a small amount for administrative expenses for our give-aways to shelters for abused and neglected children, hospitals and our seniors with memory disorders



Who pays for the care of the minis?

The majority of costs are paid for by the mini-owners.  Minis and Friends does assist with annual shots and Coggins, gas reimbursement depending on # of visits per owner and aids in finding in-kind donations (hay, feed, etc.) for all mini-owners.  We have a “Mighty Mini-Pal Sponsor” program which is a wonderful gift for that hard-to-find-gift friend or family member and helps Minis and Friends in helping our mini-owners with the daily care of their minis. Most mini-owners have 3 or 4 miniatures each on their own property or horse boarding ranch.



Can I tell can Minis and Friends how I would like my contribution used?

Absolutely! Funds can be allocated to Barn Fund, Vet Fund, Sponsor a Visit Fund, General Fund 



I would like my contribution to be a memorial for a family or friend who has left us.  Can I do this?

YES! Simply send your contribution to Minis and Friends @ 4509 Walsall Loop, Austin, TX 78749 with a note about how you would like it to be used.


Please also send along any special wording for your loved one that we can post on our Memorial page and to the family of the memorial. You will also receive a record of your contribution for tax purposes.



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