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Welcome to Minis and Friends, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a group of caring people and horse lovers dedicated to sharing the love and spirit of miniature horses to those who need special, tender care. Our organization was specially created by a group of friends who want to share this exciting equine experience with you.

Minis and Friends is dedicated to bringing our mobile herd of trained miniature horses to visit and interact with people of all ages who may be suffering mentally, physically or emotionally. Our unique programs tailor activities for children with disabilities, at-risk youth, individuals in transition and elder adults to improve their motor skills, ability to connect, tactile response, use of senses and spirits through interaction with miniature horses.

Mini Boot Camp
Mini Boot Camp is June 12-15, 2014. We will have no more than 6 people in attendance. We have currently started taking requests to attend and have 2 openings left. This session is for those who want to do the full package; learning to work with their minis in their communities using our technique of Equine Guided Interactions (EGI), Form 1023 assistance (501c3 paperwork), learn about everything you need to know to keep your non-profit up and running – fundraising, grants, scheduling, program development, media, social media, website, insurance, volunteers and keeping them motivated and much more. Take home a workbook full of tried and tested forms, letters, helpful information and a memory stick too! This Camp also gives life-time support of your non-profit. NOTE: We may have an additional Full Mini Boot Camp in the Fall depending on attendees.

As of today, Feb 24, we have not decided on a Minor Mini Boot Camp. If we have this short workshop it would only entail learning to work with your minis using EGI in the community, how to schedule and plan and suggested forms for your protection.
Mighty Mini Book-A-Thon
Be watching our website and Facebook for more news about our Mighty Mini Book-A-Thom with Southpark Half-Price Books. We are raising dollars needed for 2nd Mighty Mini Reader. The Mighty Mini Reader is given to children and youth, and seniors with memory disorders to encourage reading and to bring back memories of times gone by.
UT School of Journalism
Peter and Michael of UT's School of Journalism selected us for their documentary on Minis and Friends. You can view their video, More Than Mini Horses, in our video section and watch these young men as they continue their journey!
Corporate Teambuilding / Community Service Teams
Bring your team to an ongoing team-building / community service with Minis and Friends. We have locations for small and larger groups (up to 50) in 2 locations in Austin!

Past teams have been ASI, AT&T Wireless, Dell Community One, Federal Express, Intel, Whole Foods and other companies that want to Give Back by helping Minis and Friends help the our team and facilities that protect the little horses from the environment and a place to call home while not working. United Way Days of Carings sent teams out quarterly - so check out the United Way page. Activities might include painting, checking fences, moving round pens and washing/grooming/shedding and running the minis through the Agility Course at Kristull Ranch and other projects based on the company that joins us. Thank you so much for coming out!

Corporate teambuilding / community service allows us to help boarding facilities who give us reduced boarding rates and a location to train volunteers and boot camp trainees.
A Year of Giving!
The 2014 Visit Schedule is well underway and are actively looking for volunteers who can meet our requirements of 2 visits per month. Fill out our volunteer application online if you would like to join us. A Volunteer gathering training takes two hours of learning about the non-profit and hands-on work with the minis and donkey who attend. If you are a teenager, you must be 14 and up with parent until 16, then you can come on your own. Otherwise, just submit the volunteer application online.
More than Mini Horses
By UT Journalists Micheal & Peter
A documentary by two UT School of Journalism students about the power of minis to the lives of others!

Minis Giving a Lift in Spirit
By Gary Bain - Lubbock, TX
Display of how Minis and Friends use miniature horses as therapy for the elderly, challenged children and anyone needing a lift in spirit.