Minis On The Go

A new project for 2020-2021. This project is aimed at first responder families and childer displaced from their homes

FUNDING ALERT: We need funders/sponsors for donations to purchase totes, trading cards of minis, bookmarks and our plush mini-horses


  • For the children of First Responders who may need extra comfort and healing

  • For children that have been displaced from their homes due to medical, emotional and behavioural disabilities as a special gift from the minis.

  • For children who have lost their homes due to weather, disaster, violence, etc.



Mighty Mini Reader (2nd edition)

This program is focused on children between 1st & 2nd grade to help promote literacy (Sponsors needed). And also for seniors, in particular those with Memory Disorders. 

  • Aimed at 1st-2nd grade children to help promote literacy - hospitals, clinics, rehab facilities, etc.

  • Aimed at the children we visit at Shelters for Abused and Neglected Kids; homeless

  • Libraries, residential facilities and treatment centres will benefit

  • Seniors, in particular those with memory disorders (promotes memory jogger and short term memory assistance)

The cover has been designed by Graphic Artist, Madeline Collins.  she will be editing it for the year and for acknowledgement of her awesome work.