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We are dedicating to our sponsors and Businesses Who Believe a front page thank you! Their generous donations and help have truly been a blessing over the years! 











And many more. Check out our

Sponsorship page and see how you

can HELP too! 



We are 100% donation and volunteer-based.  Our little equine therapists bring smiles, hope and happiness. Help us to reach those who need their gentle touch by "Donating" today


Sponsorships available! We need business and company support as well as individuals. New levels coming soon!


Immediate Wish List:

8" Plush Stuffed Mini Horses 

Stress Mini Horse (

Minis and Me Photo Memory - ink/photo paper Epson Value Photo Paper Glossy, 4"x6", 100 Sheets (S400034)

Visa/MC Gas Cards (transportation)


Join our Fundraising Team - this is a 

standalone team of volunteers who plan our fundraisers. 


In-Kind Donations always appreciated:

Hay (Coastal)

Beet Pulp (Shreds only)

Building Materials 

Goat panels (smaller than horse panels)

Fencing (2x4 horse fencing)  



We always need volunteers to help our

organization. Read our Volunteer page and

contact us for application to become a

volunteer - join us on weekends to bring

hope, healing and happiness to those the

little horses meet. Click here to Volunteer


Special Volunteer Activity:

Social Media 



PR and Marketing




Mini-Owner Thank You - our mini-owners have dedicated two to four weekends a month to attend visits throughout our community - there are so many facilities that want us to come - 2007-2019 when COVID hit. Please see status below.

Julia and Mom Betty - joined us in 2013 from a referral from Dr. Joyce at Austin Equine. We are so glad she found and joined us. Julia handles all aspects of her minis as her mom Betty is our honorary member at 93. We call her our supervisor :) .. Julia does our one weekday visiti monthly, and most of our night events and UT Austin Stress day. She also does Saturday visits with the team and is on the board of directors.  She has 6 working minis - B.B. (Betty's Boy), Emily, Fiona, Jooney Bell, Mini Pearl and Wiggins .  Meet them on our Meet the Minis page.

Dedicated Mini-Team who stayed with us during the COVID-19 years and have worked 2-3 Saturdays since June 2022 and are so excited to return in 2023

Julia and Betty (mini-owners)





Alyssa / Rene



Deborah (also a board member)



Sally & Gil (Virtual/Board)

Sherry & Paul (Virtual/Board)

Ellen (Virtual/Board)

Julia (Board)

It's been a long road for us but we're back! 


UPDATE: Minis and Friends is back! We currently have lost two of our Austin mini-owners including the co-founder's minis who are now living in Paige, Texas due to her husband's lung cancer in 2021 which made it impossible to care for the minis. We are hoping our good friend who adopted them will start up in Bastrop County.  We are delighted to say our Elgin Mini Owners will be back in April 2023.

With a dedicated team of 10 volunteers who stayed with us throughout COVID-19, Julia's 6 minis have started visits again in South Austin and Lakeway.  We are seriously looking for two-three new mini-owners to help cover the greater Austin metro area. Interested? Contact us at: for more information.

You can SCHEDULE us by using the form on the Schedule page. Make sure you add your Facility name and where you are located. Until we add new mini-owners, we are mostly in central to south Austin, Austin, and Lakeway.

VOLUNTEER TRAINING - Our next Volunteer class will potentially be in early June in South Austin.  Check out our website Volunteer page as we have new information there that is a must-read. If you would like an application, click here.
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